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Sjodin Photography

– owned & operated by Las Vegas Professional Photographer Camilla Sjodin


Las Vegas Photographer Camilla Sjodin is the perfect combination for a successful and premier Commercial  & Corporate Photography Business – She has the creative talent of an artist, she has the technical skills of a professional photographer, she knows how to transform her client’s visions in to the perfect images, and she has a charming personality filled with energy and passion for her business, her team, and her clients.

Commercial Photography

Corporate Photography

Personal Photography

photo tatoo artist applying lotion to tattooed arm - advertising photo

Camilla has a great attention to detail, an eye for the perfect angle and skilled lighting techniques. She works hard, she is dedicated and she uses only the best quality photography equipment. Her mind is sharp, her feet are fast, and she is patient and committed. Read More

Camilla and her skilled and dedicated staff handles Events & Conventions of every size and magnitude. We work with fast feet and quality equipment, we capture fast and accurately, we are unobtrusive and observant, and we always go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Read More

Camilla’s photos captures your journey through life, from your baby’s first portrait, the Family Portrait with the Kids and Pets,Your Engagement, Prom, Wedding, Birthdays and Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, and Family Reunions. Read More



Welcome to Sjodin Photography!  

- the Las Vegas Photography Business for all your Photography Needs


Sjodin Photography is the Photography Business for all your photography needs. We are specialized, experienced, dedicated and talented in various fields of photography. We operate in Las Vegas, California and Arizona. We also accept assignments nationwide and internationally.

Each photography assignment is unique and we take great pride in delivering a product that exceeds your expectations every time. We converse with you to determine your goals and vision so that we can determine the best method to capture your event, product or staff so that we accurately, successfully and with great impact convey your message with our photos.




Commercial Photography: Advertising, Architectural, Actors Headshots, Editorial, Fashion, Food, Jewelry, Product, and Zed Card Photography

Advertising Photography
Architectural Photography
Editorial Photography
Fashion Photography
Food Photography
Jewelry Photography
Product Photography
Zed Card & Actor Headshots

Las Vegas Professional Commercial Photography Studio Sjodin Photography has served Las Vegas, Nevada; Henderson, Nevada; California and Arizona since 2000. Camilla also travels nationwide and internationally for Commercial & Corporate Photography Assignments. Camilla has a great attention to detail, an eye for the perfect angle and skilled lighting techniques. She works hard, she is dedicated and she uses only the best quality photography equipment. She is patient, thorough, and committed. She understands the message of your brand and how to create images that speak to your audience. Each assignment is unique and each project is handled with top priority from start to finish.

We consult with you, our client, to ensure we understand your goals and visions so that we can thoroughly determine the appropriate course of action, how to prepare for the photo shoot, determine the best location, lighting, time of day, models, make-up artist and retouching. It is your choice if you want to meet at our studio, or communicate via email or phone. We use our creativity and experience to assist you with ideas and suggestions.
We provide professional photography services to businesses and corporations of all sizes; from the self-employed sole proprietor, to large international corporations. We photograph both in our Photography Studio, as well as on location; both indoors and outdoors. Please feel free to ask for additional samples of our work as well as references from our current and past satisfied clients.

We understand your goals and visions – We create images for you,  to build your brand, sell your products and grow your business!




Corporate Photography: las vegas corporate photography, las vegas special event photography

Corporate Photography: PR, Conference, Convention & Tradeshow, Special Events, Concerts, Headshots & Portraits, Group Photography

Camilla and her skilled and dedicated staff handles Events & Conventions of every size and magnitude. We work with fast feet and quality equipment, we capture fast and accurately, we are unobtrusive and observant, and we are committed to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

  • Corporate Photography – Public Relations, Conference & Meetings, Special Events, Business Headshots & Portraits, Award Ceremonies,                                                      Team Building Events, Golf Tournaments
  • Special Events Photography – we provide candid coverage, print on-site services for your events, as well as portrait studio and green screen setups
  • Trade Show & Expo Photography – Convention, Exhibits, Tradeshow Booths, Architectural Booth Photography, Tradeshow Candids
  • Convention & Meeting Photography – Speakers, Audience, Networking Candids, Stage Entertainment, Meetings
  • Group Photography
  • Concerts & Stage Entertainment Photography
  • Celebrities – We have had the pleasure of working with many celebrities and dignitaries such as Politicians, Artists, Musicians, Actors and                                                     Entertainers both on stage and for Corporate Photo-Ops and Meet & Greets
  • Headshot Photography – Business Headshots, Lifestyle Portraits, Environmental Portraits, and Executive Portraits for Corporate Annual Reports,                                             Websites, Magazines, Promotional Material or Business Cards



Personal Photography: las vegas family photography, las vegas wedding photography, las vegas wedding photographer

PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Portraits of Men & Women, Couples, Children & Babies, High School Seniors, and Families. Private Events, Wedding & Engagement Photography, and Art, Landscape & Wildlife Photography

Camilla’s photos captures your journey through life from the Baby’s first portrait, the Family Portrait with the Kids and Pets, Engagement, Prom, Wedding, Birthdays, Holiday Parties, and Family Reunions.

About Camilla and Sjodin Photography

Camilla Sjodin

Camilla Sjodin - Las Vegas Professional Photographer

Why hire a photographer when I can take my own Headshot?

I was born and raised in Sweden, and I always had an urge to explore and started to travel when I was only 14 years old. At 23, I left Sweden to travel the world and later work on luxury cruise lines. I landed in Las Vegas in 1997 and after graduating from CSN in 2000 in Commercial Photography, I have gradually grown my business to greater success than I had ever imagined and I’m immensely grateful. I believe part of the success is because of my dedication, passion, and very hard work. I love photography and I love my job and every day is an adventure and a challenge. I am thrilled to have evolved me and my business in to such a diversified photography business. Because of my very diversified client and assignment list, my job never gets boring, it’s always fun, and I constantly learn and evolve; all to the benefit for my clients.

My ambition is always to handle each assignment from a unique angle, with lots of enthusiasm, passion, a smile and always with the desire to create something very special!

High fashion photography, las vegas fashion photographer

Photographing Models for Fashion Advertising for a new clothing line for my New York client, ECCOCI

Sjodin Photography

Each day is different and fresh here at Sjodin Photography! Our assignments vary from Events & Conventions, to Products & Advertising, Architectural shots & Fashion and so on.  Some days I work by myself on a small project in the studio, some days my photographers and I cover several assignments simultaneously, some days I’m photographing elaborate advertising assignments on location with tons of photography gear with help of my photography and lighting assistants, and other days I bring a team of up to 15-20 photographers and assistants to cover an elaborate convention with many simultaneous events to cover and synchronize. Each day is different and I love it! Sometimes photography is more about problem solving, organizing, and planning rather than actually pressing the shutter.

My Convention and Corporate Event clients benefit from the fact that even when I have several projects in the works, I am still always personally involved in each assignment. I personally communicate and prepare for the assignment with the client directly, as well as handle all post production, image quality control  and image delivery. If I am not personally photographing the event, as my client, you will always know exactly which photographer you will work with; you will know their name, phone number and that they are chosen for your assignment because both their experience and personality matches your needs and expectations. This is an advantage you have when you work with a small, but experienced business like Sjodin Photography; I have the ability to quickly expand to suit my clients’ needs and expectations, without losing quality; when hiring Sjodin Photography, you will always experience great customer service, a personal touch, consistent quality, and service customized for your needs.

Celebrity photography, las vegas celebrity photographer

I’ve been fortunate to meet & photography many Actors, Artists, Famous Chefs, Presidents and Elected Politicians – Here with Kevin Spacey, George W. Bush, and Al Pacino

Not only have my work been published in many magazines, but I have also been fortunate to meet and photograph so many interesting people. I have photographed political notables such as U.S. Presidents George J.W. Bush and George W. Bush, General Colin Powell, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Poland’s Lech Walesa and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, among others. I have also photographed famous chefs, actors, and artists such as Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Jay Leno, Andre Agassi, Clint Holmes, Taylor Hicks, Al Pacino, Ellen DeGeneres, Maroon 5, Dana Carvey, Train, Kevin Spacey, and many more!




Camily Sjodin - Las Vegas landscape photographer

Left & Center: Photographing Nature & Landscapes is what I do for fun. Right: Recently, I was fortunate enough to hang out with these amazing kids during an editorial assignment in Kenyajob and life in general! I truly appreciate the good things in life, I live life to its fullest and don’t take anything for granted. I travel as much as I can, both for work and personal, I love to exercise, spend as much time outdoors as possible, usually with my camera on my side.

I love my job and life in general! I truly appreciate the good things in life, I live life to its’ fullest and don’t take anything for granted! I travel as much as I can, both for work and personal, I love to exercise and spend as much time as I can outdoors – always with my camera at my side.

Thank you for visiting my page. I wish you a fabulous day!


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